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Kristins Game (Colors)
This application was written to teach my daughter to use the mouse and touchpad. It requires peedy and the ms speach engine which I might upload soon. I use colors to get her to move the mouse to the correct quandrant.
Kristins Game (Letters)
This application was written to teach my daughter the alphabet. It was built using the colors game as a base and asks the child to pick the correct letter from the four shown. I had to go away from peedy because my daughter learned to read what peedy was saying and just pick the matching letter (not the point). So I went with a better/newer speach engine from MS which only shows lips. I might upload a link to support that engine soon.
Shrink Images
So my hosting service deleted like 6000 photos of my daughter. At the time I was using Photoshop to shrink my images for upload to the website. To redo like 600 folders or more this would have take a long time. I decided to just write my own app after getting some insight from Shawn W. This will shrink all jpgs in a folder and subfolder to a specified longest side.
Rename Images
Every once in a while I name images poorly. Normally I follow a YYYYMMDD_something naming convention taught to me by Lee Lasky (VP of IT at my work). Sometimes that doesnt work so well or it was before I was enlightened. So to rename all the files in a folder to the name of the folder (with a numeric increment) use this program.
What is my IP?
We all know that behind a router it isnt easy to remotely learn your IP address when you are using DHCP. I use COX internet here and it changes weekly. Run this on a machine behind the router and it will email you with your IP address every so many minutes. Make sure to fix the config file please.
Add a watermark to images
I wanted to be able to add a watermark to my images so I wrote this application. Check it out.
Huber Blog ASP.NET
I needed to write a blog for myself and I didnt have the ability to install some of the more popular free ones out there. I wrote my own instead using ASP.NET, VB.NET and an access DB. Download it, recompile and you are ready to go.
Huber Weather
I wrote this application back in 2003 to keep track of the weather. Really I wanted to learn some better XML techniques. I installed it on 9/20/2005 on a whim and it still works. Good job Jason.